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We offer solutions - We set up Learning and Development units at your place, we develop curriculums for any domains using instructional design. We offer consultancy for companies.


We set up Learning and Development units for your company based on your requirements and the office structure you have


These typically cover 20 hands-on activities and instructions to deliver a short course. They have been fine-tuned in real organisations are proven to work. Each activity comes with complete instructions on timings, necessary equipment, background information, how to run the activity and de-briefing on completion

Publishing is the process of production and dissemination of literature or information - the activity of making information available for public view. In few cases, authors will be their own publishers. Web Publishing uses a combination of large database, file system,  and other related software modules which are used to store and later retrieve huge amounts of data. Here one can index text, audio clips, video clips, or images in a database. Users of the web publishing can find relevant content from within a database by searching for keywords, authors, date of creation, etc. Web Content Management Systems can be used to create information portals which serve as the backbone of data management.

Consulting is providing an advisory service and help clients identify and analyze managemnt related problems and identify the opportunities for them. Consultants alsoprovide technical assistance to help clients improve the use of their capabilities and resources to achieve business objectives.